Spring (Garden) Cleaning…so much more fun than spring house cleaning!

Pete has the veggie garden all cleaned up and ready to go…and working on the front flowerbeds…almost porch sittin’ time (actually we have already started doing that)!
Lovin Spring,

Update to”Glitter, Sparkle,Twinkle, Shine…”Bluebird of Happiness”

It turned out I was not a fan of the feather inserted into the roses by the Eifel Tower…So I replaced it with the “Bluebird of Happiness”. MUCH better! And we could all certainly use a little more happiness!

Take care,


She wore Flowers in her Hair…Part 2


Finally figured out the words to fill the space to the right of her…need to practice my calligraphy skills…it’s hard to write upright on the easel, but I lose perspective when working flat…got a little uphill thing going on…Feels like a blast back to the 60’s or 70’s…

Anyway, here she is!

Take care,

Kathy Ann


She wore ‘Flowers in her Hair’

There have been many, many discussions in the workshop I am currently taking, about copyrights as they apply to collage artists, and I must admit, it made me so very nervous about using collage as a background. Legal stuff…

My latest on a collage has gone through many revisions. Not my flower girl herself, but the collage background.

There have been many, many discussions in the workshop I am currently taking, about copyrights as they apply to collage artists, and I must admit, it made me so very nervous about using collage as a background. Legal stuff…

So, although I absolutely loved my original…I was not comfortable about some of the collage elements and the whole copyright thing…there was even mention of not being able to use scrap booking papers, ephemera, stamps, etc. if you are planning to sell your work…aargh!

I was really bummed, cause I really thought collage might be my “niche”…ah well…Apparently it’s ok to use items like ephemera, letters, music, etc., from before 1922. Will have to research further…

At any rate…here she is for now!

Take care,

Kathy Ann


Crazy, Wonderful!

…You know that feeling when you look at something grand (at least to you) that you have achieved and all you can do is stare in wonder and amazement?

Serene_IMG_0340 [92944]

My first ever watercolor face…definitely a complicated medium. Seems less forgiving than acrylics…I would think the shading was looking good and then I would add to it and BAM!  I would totally ruin it! Wet paper + inexperience with a new medium= scary! So glad to have tackled this. Didn’t have all the suggested supplies, but didn’t want to wait for my Amazon order…learned a lot, with a whole lot more learning to go.

I stood in my studio(that I used to call my craft room)after finishing the above piece…looking at my drawings & paintings from the last six weeks…this is CRAZY! Crazy & Wonderful & Exciting to realize that my forever dream is actually coming true…You know that feeling when you look at something grand (at least to you) that you have achieved and all you can do is stare in surprise, wonder and amazement? Yeah, that’s where I’m at…Happy & Enjoying the Journey!

Studio_IMG_0341 [92960]

Retirement – and Art! (or…Art & Retirement!)

World_Canvas_IMG_0308 [45247]

Yes! I did it! I finally got to that golden utopia of retirement…and I am loving it!

I spent the first six months adjusting to the new non-schedule. I have to say, I never found this to be difficult nor boring. I have been looking forward to this for so long, with so many endeavors planned, that it has been pretty easy and definitely painless.

Since I retired in July, I spent the summer and fall enjoying the great outdoors, grandkids, friends, and holidays. Trips to Lake Powell, kayaking adventures, helping with grandkids occasionally, hiking and porch sitting took up the summer. Next came all the holidays and family fun!

Now it is February and I have embarked on my most anticipated and treasured journey. I have re-ignited my creative dreams of being an artist…not a florist or a crafter, not an amateur photographer…but an honest to goodness artist. The journey has begun…

I am taking an online Mixed Media workshop titled, Let’s Face it, which is a fabulous year long workshop with an emphasis on portraits/faces. The workshop includes lessons by a total of 17 Artists, so we get to see, experience, and learn lots of different styles and techniques. A new lesson with video instructions arrives in my inbox each week. There is also a private Facebook group that we all (520+ artists strong from all over the world) share our work and receive support and kudos from. It is AMAZING and I am so impressed by the wonderful artists I get to be a part of.

Drawing faces is my long time passion…I have been drawing faces since I was a young girl. I would go to BINGO with my mom…she would doodle all these women profiles and I was enthralled! So I copied her style, learned by watching her, and would spend the hours at BINGO happily drawing away!

I believe this will be one of my greatest adventures. I am already learning SO much and we are only 5 weeks in!

Below is my first ever painted face – titled her “Imagine!”

Till next time!

Take care,

Kathy Ann



Yesterday Was My Birthday…


Yesterday was my Birthday and I’ve gotta say…I DO love Birthdays…such I wonderful idea…Celebrating the day we began this wonderful journey called life…keeping track of all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years that have brought us to this exact place & time. WOW! Is that not AMAZING?!

☆☆☆☆ AND…I got a KAYAK!!! ☆☆☆☆


☆▪☆▪☆▪I am so Excited ▪☆▪☆▪☆

I have been wanting a kayak for a long time now…since enjoying a leisurely paddle on an AZ mountain lake in my daughter’s kayak several years ago. We have plenty of gorgeous waters to paddle throughout Northern Az…and with the freedom of retirement looming ahead….what a perfect time to indulge and prepare for lots of get-a-way excursions with my hubby. Such a peaceful, serene activity…wpid-2015-03-22-07.10.57.png.png

I can’t wait!


Holy, Moly…Here I am again with my last blog back in NOVEMBER 2014! It is now FEBRUARY 2015! ARGHHHH! Sigh….Gonna try again.

Hmmmm….Closer to retirement…Reorganized my studio space…Started getting more Etsy orders…Latest order for 1 Doz…SO EXCITING!

Feel like I am getting ready for the next phase of my life…I have realized how right the time is for retirement.

Visited my youngest daughter in her cute new place after work (sweetly just around the corner)…Love her dearly….so glad we have such a great relationship….I would so miss that…all my girls…I have three…so lucky! One boy…Love him dearly as well…but you know, boys are different…they don’t stay in touch the same way..just the way it is ….sigh. ..LIFE.

Man, life goes by fast…you know it…you live accordingly….appreciating every moment…but time marches on….can’t stop it…nor would you want to….but still….sigh.

It really wouldn’t be difficult to blog a couple times a week if I could just find the time and commit to it… always so much going on in my life…don’t know that anyone will be interested tho….except for the fact that we all go through and feel the same things…just don’t take the time to write it down…

Hmmmm….maybe not so very entertaining….but True. True to life…True to everyday….True to this crazy, universal world of ours.

Till next time. ..


Again, It’s Been a Long Time my Friends…

Here I am once more…looking at how long it has been since my last entry…My heart is in the right place, but I am guessing this won’t actually become a legitimate, up to the minute, working blog until I retire! There just isn’t enough time!

I am still working at that corporate job and that is OK, but I am having a harder and harder time investing my life to it. I have reached that time when I want to devote myself to more creative, fulfilling pursuits. I am afraid to retire, but I am also afraid NOT to retire! Such a funny time of life. Seems like all the other milestones where so much easier than this transition. I welcomed adulthood, marriage, motherhood, grandma-hood, all the various and sundry jobs I have had in my lifetime, the moves to new adventures, the wins and the losses. But this one seems to herald in the “hood” of being old…Bleh, bleh, bleh…Who ever wants to welcome THAT!

Dinner with my daughter

Let’s see…I had two choices yesterday evening…Dinner with co – workers in town for a three day marathon set of meetings & dinner activities (which officially begins today) or Dinner with my daughter. Of course I chose dinner with my daughter. Who wouldn’t?! She’s bright, lovely, a joy to be with, the absolute sunshine of my life…AND whenever I go out with her I end up with something new and fun to take home with me! This time a super cute purse!


So the co – workers that I will live & breathe with for the next three days…got one less day of me…and I got a wonderful dinner downtown in Flagstaff, AZ …storing away memories of my time with my daughter..whose name is Christina by the way…


OMG…It has almost been A Year…

Wow…it has almost been a year since my last post. How can that be?  Has anything much changed? Have I become  a thinner, sleeker version of myself?  Nope. Still overweight.  Have I left the corporate life to pursue my dreams? Nope. Still working away.
But it has been an eventful year. There was a trip to New York  for a beautiful wedding, the sad passing of a sister in law and a cousin, the graduation of my youngest daughter from college, the engagement of my 2nd youngest daughter, the purchase of a new to us cabin cruiser, and the knowledge that retirement from corporate life is in fact a possibilty! Whew…Gotta keep up more…that is a lot to cover!


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