Again, It’s Been a Long Time my Friends…

Here I am once more…looking at how long it has been since my last entry…My heart is in the right place, but I am guessing this won’t actually become a legitimate, up to the minute, working blog until I retire! There just isn’t enough time!

I am still working at that corporate job and that is OK, but I am having a harder and harder time investing my life to it. I have reached that time when I want to devote myself to more creative, fulfilling pursuits. I am afraid to retire, but I am also afraid NOT to retire! Such a funny time of life. Seems like all the other milestones where so much easier than this transition. I welcomed adulthood, marriage, motherhood, grandma-hood, all the various and sundry jobs I have had in my lifetime, the moves to new adventures, the wins and the losses. But this one seems to herald in the “hood” of being old…Bleh, bleh, bleh…Who ever wants to welcome THAT!

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