Azure Reflections

Azure Refections

Oil and cold wax is one of my favorite mediums. It starts with a layer of acrylic…often in bright bold colors…then after that dries the layers of oil paint and cold wax medium mixed together are layered, scraped back, and layered some more. It’s playtime!


It can be soft, subtle and dreamy or sharp, bold and dramatic. It can be representational or abstract, landscapes or cityscapes, faces or figures, animals or the cosmos. As with all art the possibilities are endless!

Rise Up

As you can see …I gravitate to shades of blue for my oil and cold wax layers often with the bright bold colors of sunset underneath. The colors of nature lift me up and somehow ground me at the same time.

Dreams of Lost Memories

Oil and cold wax is a dream to work with. It’s a perfect medium for my intuitive style of painting. It was OCWM that really opened my heart to abstract, intuitive landscapes that seem to exist in some other beautiful dream world. Faces come alive and fill the space with their emotions, dreams, hopes.

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