My Studio

After finishing my last portrait, I stood back and took a look at my “mess”. Thought you might like to see the chaos of creating!

And here is my palette from today…

Oh my Goodness…

Oh my goodness, this was a difficult lesson. I definitely do not have a handle on this technique…long ways to go. I would show you the phases in her creation, but I was so intimidated by the process, I didn’t take progress pics…next time. Anyway, her she is.  


Spring (Garden) Cleaning…so much more fun than spring house cleaning!

Pete has the veggie garden all cleaned up and ready to go…and working on the front flowerbeds…almost porch sittin’ time (actually we have already started doing that)!
Lovin Spring,

Update to”Glitter, Sparkle,Twinkle, Shine…”Bluebird of Happiness”

It turned out I was not a fan of the feather inserted into the roses by the Eifel Tower…So I replaced it with the “Bluebird of Happiness”. MUCH better! And we could all certainly use a little more happiness!

Take care,


3/4 Face Practice



She wore Flowers in her Hair…Part 2


Finally figured out the words to fill the space to the right of her…need to practice my calligraphy skills…it’s hard to write upright on the easel, but I lose perspective when working flat…got a little uphill thing going on…Feels like a blast back to the 60’s or 70’s…

Anyway, here she is!

Take care,

Kathy Ann


Glitter, Sparkle, Twinkle, Shine

My latest mixed media is a birthday gift for my granddaughter, Kaitlyn. She is decorating her room in a Paris theme in Teal, Pink & Black…Hope she likes it! 


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