Embellished One of a Kind Lined Journals!

My love of book making has taken me here !

In my last blog I mentioned my love of book making. I had enjoyed collaging on journals and notebooks for myself, as an expression of me at that moment in time. As a member of a local art non profit group, I hosted a pop up class on creating collage on a simple notebook for folks that stopped by to visit and view my mixed media art during our Artists Studio Tour. It was great fun!

That morphed into the accordion books I made for each of my grandchildren. That morphed into gifts for friends. I also took a mini class in book making from another local artist. Now I was really hooked!

One of my daughters asked me if I could create a lined journal for her that would be unique and one of a kind. Of course I said yes! I have a love of flowers, having been a florist at one time. I also had a dried floral design bussiness back when that was all the rage. So when making that first embellished journal for my daughter, I added pressed flowers to the cover, accenting the design of the incredibly beautiful scrapbook papers I use.

Gina’s Journal

As a mixed media artist I always have a lot of “stuff” in my studio that might have the potential to end up in my art…so I decided to add accenting pressed flowers to a small bud vase. It made a beautiful gift set, so yes…I went on to create one of a kind gifts for all my children. I have plans to eventually offer gift sets like these in my Etsy shop as well.

Gina’s Pressed Flower Bud Vase

So, as usual I started by creating for my family. Each journal crafted with the individual in mind…their personality, their interests, their adventurous spirit . I wanted to create something they would want to keep forever.♥️

Now I am happy to be creating embellished lined journals that are one of a kind, unique creations that are an inspiration to write in for sale in my Etsy shop.

Below is the link to Wildflower & Woods, my Etsy shop!


Take care,

Kathy Ann

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