She wore ‘Flowers in her Hair’

My latest on a collage has gone through many revisions. Not my flower girl herself, but the collage background.

There have been many, many discussions in the workshop I am currently taking, about copyrights as they apply to collage artists, and I must admit, it made me so very nervous about using collage as a background. Legal stuff…

So, although I absolutely loved my original…I was not comfortable about some of the collage elements and the whole copyright thing…there was even mention of not being able to use scrap booking papers, ephemera, stamps, etc. if you are planning to sell your work…aargh!

I was really bummed, cause I really thought collage might be my “niche”…ah well…Apparently it’s ok to use items like ephemera, letters, music, etc., from before 1922. Will have to research further…

At any rate…here she is for now!

Take care,

Kathy Ann

Memories… sisters at a French Masquerade Ball

  This started out as “memories of a mother & daughter”, but somewhere along the way, they morphed into sisters… Mixed media on collage…acrylic, watercolor, pen. 

Watercolor & Me…

Watercolor a & me are definitely not a match made in heaven…lots of struggle…gonna take Lots & Lots & Lots of practice!


Crazy, Wonderful!

Serene_IMG_0340 [92944]

My first ever watercolor face…definitely a complicated medium. Seems less forgiving than acrylics…I would think the shading was looking good and then I would add to it and BAM!  I would totally ruin it! Wet paper + inexperience with a new medium= scary! So glad to have tackled this. Didn’t have all the suggested supplies, but didn’t want to wait for my Amazon order…learned a lot, with a whole lot more learning to go.

I stood in my studio(that I used to call my craft room)after finishing the above piece…looking at my drawings & paintings from the last six weeks…this is CRAZY! Crazy & Wonderful & Exciting to realize that my forever dream is actually coming true…You know that feeling when you look at something grand (at least to you) that you have achieved and all you can do is stare in surprise, wonder and amazement? Yeah, that’s where I’m at…Happy & Enjoying the Journey!

Studio_IMG_0341 [92960]


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View from my windows…

The views from my windows…What could be better than


a bright, beautiful new morning after the storm…


…the view looking  out from my studio…like a breath of fresh air!


It is going to be a Glorious  day!


Ahhh…Yes…Spring is Blooming!


I am back on my porch swing
The birds are singing (Joyously, I might add…)
Grass is turning green
Trees are budding
The age old Circle of Life beginning again
And I LOVE it!♡!♡!


Wishing the world a Joyous Easter!

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