OMG…It has almost been A Year…

Wow…it has almost been a year since my last post. How can that be?  Has anything much changed? Have I become  a thinner, sleeker version of myself?  Nope. Still overweight.  Have I left the corporate life to pursue my dreams? Nope. Still working away.
But it has been an eventful year. There was a trip to New York  for a beautiful wedding, the sad passing of a sister in law and a cousin, the graduation of my youngest daughter from college, the engagement of my 2nd youngest daughter, the purchase of a new to us cabin cruiser, and the knowledge that retirement from corporate life is in fact a possibilty! Whew…Gotta keep up more…that is a lot to cover!


A little bit about me…


I am a crafter, wanna-artist, and amateur photographer that started a “Just for Fun” facebook page this year with portraits and landscapes – which helped me to actually feel like a “real” photographer! I also like to journal, draw, paint, do various crafts & projects and love all things creative. I work as an administrative assistant – which is not so very creative, so I love the time I get to devote to creative endeavours!

My husband is a retired postal worker and a creative woodworker. I started an Etsy shop for his beautiful hand-turned on a lathe candle holders and my various & sundry creations. But mostly we sell at local craft fairs.

I am not young, but I do not yet consider myself old…I have been and continue to be many things in my life:
I have been a bank teller, a postal worker, a stay at home mom (only for about 4 yrs), a drugstore cashier/ad room associate, a department store photographer, an instructional assistant in Kindergarten(that one was for 10 yrs) a floral designer, owned my own dried-floral design business, a manufacturing associate, a receptionist and now an administrative assistant working in recruiting. Whew!

I  have four fabulous children and four incredible grandchildren…

Lovin Life, as Always!

Wildflowers & Woods – My New Etsy Shop!

Wildflowers & Woods has been a dream of mine for quite some time…
I have always been interested in creative pursuits – photography, drawing, floral design…The idea of a shop began to form in my mind first as just “Wildflowers” A means of marketing my dried floral arrangements with all things to do with florals – prints, stationary, vintage items and gifts of all sorts…
Then when my husband Pete unleashed his passion for creative woodworking, I started to wonder how best to combine our two passions. Thus was born the idea of “Wildflowers & Woods” a place to display and market both of our talents.
Hope you enjoy our shop and join us on our ever-changing adventure!


WOW- Lovin my Horoscope for Today!
March 21 – April 19
Prosperity is just around the corner, Aries. With it comes change. Change in your job, career, or environment figures prominently today. However this change manifests, it’s bound to be positive. You’re lucky, and you’re about to hit the road to even greater success. Savor this moment, for you’ll be busy soon!

Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog! I am excited to start on this new journey! I love to write and I love photography, so this will most likely morph into some sort of combination of the two.

I have been living the corporate life for a while now out of necessity…I am feeling the need to get back to my creative roots, to the place of passion that makes life interesting and fun. Those creative pursuits that have been relegated to the back burner for all these years…photography, drawing, writing, designing…Looking forward to a bright new future!

I am an Amatuer Photographer capturing the  “Art of Everyday Life”.

“Candid, Special Moments, Documentation Expert”    

Yeah – That’s me!

    * the Feeling
    * the Emotion
    * the Moments…of an Event

That is my focus, my dream, my passion…

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