Sweet, Sweet Susie Q

My Sweet Susie
They told us she would be about the size of an Aussie…about 30 lbs.
She grew to be a healthy 90 to 100 lbs!
Sweet Little Baby 🥰
Her ‘safe spot’ (during thunder storms) was under our bed… when she got too big (look at those legs!) we raised the bed up on blocks so she could still fit…♥️♥️♥️
Such an important member of our family💖💖💖 and so loved💖
There was this phase with a cazillion dog beds destroyed…but we loved her still🥴
Her favorite place was on our bed…
…with her siblings…♥️
She loved the back acre …
And she loved the front acre…
She loved her life

Gone too soon…only 7 years old …she laid down and passed unexpectedly this morning…on her birthday…My heart is broken💔💔💔
She will be missed terribly♥️

Love you Sweet Baby…♥️♥️♥️. Have fun running and playing over the rainbow. Give our love to Sammy, Sophie & Cooper. ♥️

Take care, Kathy Ann

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