Good Morning on the Day After the 4th of July!

Good Morning!

Happy Day After the 4th of July!

Some of the family spent the weekend playing in the mountains and valleys around the Durango/Silverton area in CO…

Photos courtesy of Teresa Ann Floyd.

So Breathtakingly Gorgeous up there!

But we opted to miss this years trip to take down our front porch with the help of our son and his boys…Pete and his dad put the porch up around 25 years ago…and now he will be helping our son put up the new one . Family is our greatest gift! Demolition was done on the 3rd…finished cleaning up a bit on the morning of of the 4th…had a little rest and then headed out to visit with my Aunt and cousins at their getaway cabin in Munds Park. So good to see everyone!

Then a nice peaceful evening on the back patio, relaxing on the cushy, comfortable swing.

Hope everyone had a safe, relaxing, worry and stress free holiday weekend!

Take care,

Kathy Ann

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